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Since proudly winning WestAfricaCom’s Game-Changing Innovation Award, CyberSmart Africa continues to innovate practical ways to deliver up-to-date quality learning content to the vast majority of schools that have no electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.


We are impacting thousands of students with our scalable solutions,  based on deep insights into local needs through our 15 year  grassroots collaboration with Senegalese teachers, deep local relationships and vast global network of experts.


 "It's the most practical solutions that find traction with teachers and students"
     Michael Trucano, World Bank Edutech Blog about CyberSmart 

Healthy Schools 

Covid-19 forced Senegalese schools  into the front line to ease the burden on the already stressed healthcare system. In response, CyberSmart Africa immedicately leveraged our experience to initiate Healthy Schools - Santé à L'école - in 17 schools serving more than 5,000 students.  Our objective is to encourage health-conscious decisions in students and address the national curriculum that is terrifyingly out-of-date on health topics and practices.  


Santé à L'école currently provides first aid kits - with supplies carefully selected to meet the unique needs of these rural schools -   and basic first aid training online for teachers because in tropical climates, even small cuts can develop into serious infections. Follow-on activities for this scaleable initiative include more online teacher training, student learning content tand the preliminary diagnosis of vision, hearing and dental health. or Santé  

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Smart Senegal 

 SmartSenegal is a highly innovative knowledge-building platform designed specifically to address teacher professional needs by simplifying their ability to access and share learning content and collaborate within an empathetic and inspirational environment.   Strategic use of artificial intelligence helps teachers find and apply the best pedagogical resources and do what they are already doing — only faster and easier.


 Teachers are already heavy users of social networks but existing networks are not uniquely designed for teachers. We are adding features that teachers have told us will make their jobs and their lives easier.  ​​​​


Digital Learning

Our USAID Proof-of-Concept successfully demonstrated  how The CyberSmart Digital Learning Platform effectively delivers previously unavailable instructional materials. Plus, teachers gained precious classroom instructional time because they no longer had to copy lessons onto the blackboard.


Many Sub-Saharan Africa primary schools lack electricity. In the few primary schools where conventional computer labs and lap-top programs are used, too few devices serve large numbers of students. Continual power outages prohibit reliable use. Ongoing and costly maintenance issues impede timely repairs. The result? The technology sits unused.


The CyberSmart Digital Learning Platform is  specifically designed  to address these challenges, delivering instructional materials — maps, photos, videos and up-to-date quality content — into classrooms with few books and 40-75 students.


Accomplishments 2022-2021


"What’s inspiring to me is that after years of grassroots collaboration my longstanding, deep local relationships allow me to now identify clearly the most practical ways to proceed ”  

Jim Teicher, Founder CyberSmart Africa 

Accomplishments 2020-2017


"I’m driven by my vision to help solve the world’s largest education challenge – addressing the needs of SubSaharan Africa, home to the fastest growing youth population."

Jim Teicher, Founder CyberSmart Africa 

Photo: Jim discussing the results of ground-breaking CyberSmart survey of 300 Senegalese teachers with Monahed Moustapha Diagne, Director of Training and Communications for the Senegalese Ministry of Education.  (2020)

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