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Digital Literacy

 Empowering teachers and students to use online resources effectively and helping students make thoughtful online choices.  
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Daily Classroom Learning

CyberSmart developed hundreds of multimedia resources coupled with 300 learning activities -- all embedding digital literacy directly into  daily classroom subject-area content for Arabic, English and Ethics curricula for our MENA client. 

Our work is based on our pioneering development of the very first digital literacy and cyber safety curriculum in 2000. Used by millions of students globally, the CyberSmart Student Curriculum and Online Professional 'Workshops were the very first-of-its kind standards-based online safety and digital literacy program. Its ground-breaking research-based strategy of positive empowerment is now modeled internationally. 

Uniquely Customized

CyberSmart’s deep content knowledge allowed us to easily customize digital literacy topics, directly meeting local teacher needs. All content was aligned to their curriculum standards giving teachers the flexibility to meet their daily instructional objectives.

Photo: CyberSmart video crew  shooting  learning activities. 

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