CyberSmart Africa reaches the poorest schools on earth with the world’s first adapted interactive whiteboard operating with inexpensive solar power. We offer a packaged service solution focused on student learning.

Partnering to bring today’s learning to developing countries

Our partners include the United States Agency for International Development, the Senegalese Ministry of Education, and The Millennium Villages Project and The Millennium Cities Initiative, joint initiatives of the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Cost-effective and scalable

We significantly slash the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) associated with traditional technology integration. We reduce the inital, recurring and ongoing equipment-related costs and invest more in building sustainable teacher capacity – the single investment most closely associated with student success.

Reaching large numbers of students in their classrooms

Just one CyberSmart adapted interactive white board reaches hundreds of students in a single day.

Less equipment

Hi-tech and tech-lite. We use significantly less equipment to purchase and manage than a traditional school technology implementation.

Extensive ongoing professional development

Over 50% more teacher professional development is provided by CyberSmart compared to traditional school ICT implementations.

Directly impacting daily classroom instruction in core subjects

CyberSmart technology integration at the point of instruction enhances reading, math, science, geography and social studies.

Impact on teaching

Teachers lecture less with a shift to a more interactive learner-centered style.

Impact on learning

Students actively participate more and engage in activities requiring critical thinking.