A grassroots developed proven concept designed for massive scale with greatest impact.

Reaching unreachable schools.

Our target is schools with no electricity. That’s 80% of the schools in Sub Saharan schools that are unreachable by other models for educational technology development.

Disruptive. Hi-tech. Tech lite.

The CyberSmart Digital Learning System integrates the world’s most advanced learning technologies into all-in-one interactive solar powered digital learning device with a large interactive display. An innovative but highly practical platform.

Designed for massive scale.

A complete learning system with advanced learning technologies packaged with quality interactive digital learning content and teacher training.  Teachers push a single button and teach. Students learn.

Direct impact on learning.

Research-proven ‘what works’ instructional strategies and high quality interactive digital learning content results in The CyberSmart Digital Learning System directly improving the use of classroom instructional time.

Greater impact on more students.

Our whole class approach means we impact more students on a daily basis.


Sustainable impact.

We deliver sustainable professional staff capabilities with provide 50% more teacher training, the single research-proven best way to improve student achievement.

A proven grass-roots developed concept.

Actively use by teachers and students in rural Senegalese schools, The CyberSmart Digital Learning System has been put to the test, refined and improved over years. A successful multi-school proof-of-concept was completed with USAID.

Simpler implementation to secure results.

We boldly changed the financial equation. Other models of educational technology development are devoted to buying, installing and maintaining equipment. The CyberSmart Digital Learning System uses less equipment to focus on learning.